Judaic Studies

New BJS publication entitled “Strength to Strength: Essays in Honor of Shaye J. D. Cohen” (Michael L. Satlolw, editor)

Essays that engage the scholarship of Shaye J. D. Cohen

BJSThe essays in Strength to Strength honor Shaye J. D. Cohen across a range of ancient to modern topics. The essays seek to create an ongoing conversation on issues of identity, cultural interchange, and Jewish literature and history in antiquity, all areas of particular interest for Cohen. Contributors include Moshe J. Bernstein, Daniel Boyarin, Jonathan Cohen, Yaakov Elman, Ari Finkelstein, Charlotte Elisheva Fonrobert, Steven D. Fraade, Isaiah M. Gafni, Gregg E. Gardner, William K. Gilders, Martin Goodman, Leonard Gordon, Edward L. Greenstein, Erich S. Gruen, Judith Hauptman, Jan Willem van Henten, Catherine Hezser, Tal Ilan, Richard Kalmin, Yishai Kiel, Ross S. Kraemer, Hayim Lapin, Lee I. Levine, Timothy H. Lim, Duncan E. MacRae, Ivan Marcus, Mahnaz Moazami, Rachel Neis, Saul M. Olyan, Jonathan J. Price, Jeffrey L. Rubenstein, Michael L. Satlow, Lawrence H. Schiffman, Daniel R. Schwartz, Joshua Schwartz, Karen Stern, Stanley Stowers, and Burton L. Visotzky.


  • A full bibliography of Cohen’s published works
  • An essay on the contributions of Cohen

Michael L. Satlow is Professor of Religious Studies and Judaic Studies at Brown University. His most recent books are Judaism and the Economy (2018) and How the Bible Became Holy (2014). He has held fellowships from the John Simon Guggenheim Foundation and the American Council of Learned Societies.