Judaic Studies

Modern Hebrew

If you are interested in learning Modern Hebrew in a dynamic, rigorous, and stimulating way, you are welcome to study this language in the Program in Judaic Studies.

We offer a full six semesters of instruction in Hebrew language and literature, as well as independent study courses in Hebrew for students beyond the level of the sixth semester. All our courses are conducted in Hebrew.

Our Goal

Our goal is to develop your Hebrew language proficiency and cultural understanding. We connect your language skills of speaking, reading, writing, as well as listening and viewing comprehension, with literature of the biblical and rabbinic past as well as with contemporary Israeli literature and current events in Israeli society. We incorporate all forms of technology and media, including television, film, and the Internet, to enrich our classes with culture, news, and ongoing developments in Israel. Our advanced classes incorporate diverse topics related to Israeli identity, politics, and culture and how these are manifested in fiction, poetry, news reporting, and music. 

In our program, you will also acquire knowledge about the Hebrew language: its historical relationship with other Semitic languages, the differences between modern Hebrew and biblical and rabbinic Hebrew, and the differences between written and spoken Hebrew.

Language Requirement

Hebrew fulfills the language requirements in the Program in Judaic Studies and the Center for Middle East Studies at Brown.


Our courses are Elementary Hebrew (HEBR0100, HEBR0200), Intermediate Hebrew (HEBR0300, HEBR0400), Speaking and Writing (HEBR0500), and Issues in Contemporary Israeli Society, Politics, and Culture in Hebrew (HEBR0600).


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For an assessment of which course is appropriate for you, contact Ruth_Adler_Ben_Yehuda@Brown.edu.

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